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Supporting Conservative Candidates with Common Sense

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Opinion, News-Times, October 24, 2022




      “We the People” have the right and the obligation to choose our elected officials carefully.  We cannot be frivolous about our right to vote; it’s our civic responsibility to be informed citizens and to choose candidates who best align with our beliefs and values.

     If we are willing to entrust those we vote into public office to follow our wishes and work for the well-being of those they represent, then it’s imperative to understand the concerns significant to us and our families. Therefore, it would be prudent to ask ourselves some pivotal questions before we mark our ballot for this crucial election.

     So let’s begin. 

     Do you believe in: A) Electing candidates who support responsible government spending? Or B) Electing candidates who support more federal spending for programs such as “college loan forgiveness”?

     Are you in favor of: A) Protecting Americans freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights? Or B) More government control over speech, religion, assembly, due process, and the right to bear arms?

     Do you believe that: A) Public schools should emphasize traditional curriculum such as history, math, reading, science and writing? OR B) Government should have more control over curriculum taught in public schools, including Critical Race Theory and allowing teachers to discuss gender identity politics in the classroom?

     Do you think: A) Individuals entering the US legally who wish to become US Citizens should be encouraged and protected and welcomed to America? Or B) Open borders are a good idea?

     What about the criminal justice system? Do you believe: A) Law enforcement should be fully funded? Or  B) Instead of funding law enforcement, hire social reform workers to stop criminals from carjacking, robbing, beating, raping and murdering innocent victims? 

     Do you believe: A) America has the natural resources to be energy independent? Or B) Declaring war on American energy is the right thing to do to “save planet earth”.

     It’s obvious that this simplistic exercise shows how the two parties are split: Republican conservative voters (A answers) prefer a thriving, energy independent economy, less government interference and more independence for Americans, plus law and order for safe and secure communities, and common sense education. While Democrat liberal voters (B answers) support a stronger federal government with more concentration of power over states, municipalities and individuals, thus more dependency on government support and less fiscal restraint.  

      If you’re still unsure of what candidates to support and/or what political party your values are more aligned with, perhaps the following arguments will help you decide:

  1. The U.S. national debt is already over $31 Trillion! If the current administration is still in power after the midterms, inflation will continue to spiral out of control; extreme high gas prices at the pump and in the home will be unabated; unnecessary heavy-handed regulatory policies will continue, and our national debt will increase, crippling the prosperity of future generations.    

  2. If the current administration continues to rule, government will have more power to censor the privileges guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights. And even more disturbing, is that the government could “lawfully” apply the Patriot Act to use surveillance techniques to spy on all of our media, banking and other transactions.

  3. The irrational policy of “Open Borders” will continue under the current administration which has allowed an estimated 4 million illegal immigrants to flood our Southern Borders and pour into our cities, along with an overwhelming amount of illegal drugs. Plus, many immigrants have lost their lives and been harmed and some have become slaves to the get-rich-quick cartels.

  4. 4. America is the richest nation in the world with an estimated 30 billion barrels of crude oil under our feet, which would indeed make America energy independent. Plus, our nation could assist Germany and other countries to be free from relying on imported natural gas and oil from corrupt countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Venezuela and Columbia. The denial of fossil fuels from US soil is hurting America while making corrupt countries richer by importing their dirty natural gas and oil. Unfortunately, under the current administration, “going green” rules over common sense.

  5. An end must be put to the crime and chaos in the streets that is prevailing in today’s America by fully funding our law enforcement agencies. And left-wing, radical Attorney Generals who release convicted criminals with no bail/no jail “sentences” must be recalled.  Unfortunately, the current administration is in  no hurry to bring lawlessness to a halt.

     I hope my opinion has given you food for thought and an appetite for change. Please join me in voting the Republican ticket all the way!  

    A.T. Ronan, Newport

    “You have the freedom to choose, but you’re not free from the consequences.” Frank Sonnenberg, author, Listen to Your Conscience: That’s Why You Have One    


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